Theme: Audacity To Mould

We have always been taught to lead a conventional life. Consequently, we fear to take any risks that might eventually bring that one change in our lives we have been yearning for. We all deserve to live a life that we love from the inside-out and outside-in. It’s time to stop feeling like we’re being pulled in a million different directions and gain a clear focus on how to reach life we’ve always dreamed of having, no matter what it takes. Hesitation is an uncomfortable, yet familiar feeling each of us live with. Caught in the grip of fear – of being imperfect, of being vulnerable, of being the only one, of being rejected, of failure, we hesitate. But, successful humans are the ones who dare to strive and fight for what they desire and deserve and mould the life of our dreams.

We at TedxSMIT strongly believe in the fact that we should never let fear overpower our passion. Comfort is the enemy of achievement and we need to beat it in order to reach the great heights we have been destined to conquer.

We hereby present to you the fourth edition of TedxSMIT with the theme "Audacity to Mould". This edition will give the stage to people who will inspire and enlighten our lives with their stories of endeavour and experience.

TEDxSMIT Speakers

Amitabh Ray

Amitabh Ray
Managing Director,Ericsson Global Services, India
He is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the world of corporates & consultancies and has spent years working in the USA and Europe. He is often acknowledged as an inspiration and visionary by the industry and has been featured in several prestigious publications and magazine covers.

Amitabh Ray

Sangeetha Parameswaran
Insurance Professional

Sangeetha Parameswaran is an insurance professional from Bangalore who was diagnosed with depression having bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder in November 2014. Today, she stands strong in overcoming the vice of depression and soars to fame as an author, poet, and social activist because of her two successful publications, namely ‘Key to Acceptance: Labyrinth of Criss Crossing Emotions' and ‘Echoes in my Attic'.

Rajendra Rathore

Rajendra Rathore
Founder, The Frustrated Engineer
Rajendra Rathore, an engineering graduate is a founder of the page, The Frustrated Engineer and his company FOSLA Media. During college days, he reframed his career choice and started his own page. Rajendra leads this page which helps different organizations for the purpose of digital marketing on different social platforms. He is currently working on several other fragments of marketing and is also indulging in the merchandise sector.

Shivankit Singh Parihar
Actor , Writer
Shivankit Singh Parihar is an actor and writer from Satna, Madhya Pradesh. He made his debut with the short film ‘Shuruaat Ka Interval' and since then, he has been a part of several web series and is most known for his role as ‘Raja Rabish Kumar' for the channel 'The Screen Patti' wherein he mimics well-known personalities. Moreover, he has worked with several prolific YouTube channels such as The Viral Fever, AIB etc.

Alcatraz Dey
NDA Alumnus , Digital Marketing Consultant
Alcatraz Dey is the alias of Indian author Kishore A.J. A National Defense Academy alumnus, he has three thriller novels to his name and has also penned several blogs & short stories. He battled depression in his early twenties because of which he had to quit his job of an Air Force Officer but now, he not only guides people to join the defense forces but also counsels people going through depression.

Karma Paljor
Consulting Editor -CNN News18
A two-time recipient of the eminent Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism, Karma Paljor is the Consulting Editor at CNN News 18 and Co-Founder & Director at ATVI Infotainment Pvt. Ltd. A celebrated Indian journalist and television personality, he has been the face of several award-winning primetime shows wherein he has interviewed numerous well-known personalities.

Ashish Anand
Founder, AfterGlow Tech
Ashish Anand is an entrepreneur passionate about solving energy wastage in street lighting and increasing safety on road. He leads Afterglow Tech, an award-winning start-up which aims at scheming and building products to tackle challenges in energy & pollution currently being met across the globe. Afterglow Tech was first recognized in the 100 most innovative companies in Karnataka.

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