Naveen Jaiswal, Co-founder and Head R&D, Vehere interactive

Vehere pioneered communication intelligence for government and large enterprises. Vehere is a niche R&D driven technology company working in the field of electronic warfare, communication and cyber intelligence.

Will Harris, Co-founder Willpower Improvement Leaders Pvt. Ltd

Wil Pvt Ltd has a dual purpose of generating profit and changing the world. He provides examples of how to solve the puzzle of your passion and purpose. It begins with understanding. We are one.

Krishna Hasa, Assistant Vice President, Barclays

Hasa is an independent thinker with an entrepreneurial attitude.She has 5+ years of experience in BFSI and currently works as a program manager for game changer projects in big data domain with keen focus on data visualization and commercialization aspects for Barclays.

Anurag Singh Rathor, CEO And Co-founder Zify

After gaining industry experience and expertise in various fields and technologies during his 6 year stint with wells Fargo & co, Anurag came up with a novel idea which would not only prove to be a good business idea but also a noble concept with the potential to change the way we look at daily commuting, forever.

Avinash Saurabh, Founder and CEO, Zoojoo.BE

This man is on a mission to form healthier habits for a whopping 100million people across the globe. To create revolution in mankind by giving health and wellness a completely different dimension. .

Raghav Mimani, Founder and CEO, Nischint Technologies

As india evolves into gen next our security paradigm needs a transformation. Issues such as cyber bullying, harassment and teasing are rampant in our society. However, we are glad Raghav Mimani took the initiative of making our society a better place.

Bibeth Sharma, Associate professor, SMIT

He is a professional quizmaster, professor, photographer and philosopher, known more as the “Idea-man”, he is the epicentre of student activities in Sikkim Manipal Institute of technology.